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Crack the Small Business PR Code with These 3 Pro Tips

Although we often think of public relations (PR) in terms of large corporations, small businesses increasingly have access to many of the same tools and techniques. One advantage a small business has is flexibility, specifically the ability to try multiple different approaches in order to learn what works. You can also use tools like Google […]

Four tools your business needs for better metric reporting

Tracking a business’ progress is made easy through using technology to analyze the data, particularly when it comes to metric reporting. Assessing the Traffic Analytics of a website can give a person a sense of what demographic categories the business is reaching, and which demographics it needs to expend more effort in reaching. Technology can […]

6 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail

Although it looks good on paper, a strategic plan for a company is not always an easy process. The main reasons that these plans fail is because there is one written, not enough time is dedicated to making one and that it is not directly tied into the company’s vision or mission statement. Other reason […]

Instagram Removes Like Counts, How Should Marketers Adjust?

Instagram has implemented a program in several countries (though not the US) in which likes are eliminated. Dr. Dustin York of Maryville University says they are trying to get users to focus more on content, as well as discouraging marketers from hawking fake content. York suggests an ulterior motive: businesses will need to depend less […]