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How to Use Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide

Approximately 78% of the Facebook audience engages in Facebook Live videos. The camera icon that is located at the left of your search bar is what you should tap in order to start streaming. You can add a location and tag friends in order to gain more relevant viewers during your stream. Once you’ve hit […]

The Latest Changes to the Instagram API, Explained

Over the years, Instagram users have been able to acquire a large number of followers, comments, and likes through third-party apps that use automated features. Since Instagram has recently changed their Application Programming Interface (API), these users will no longer be able to retain the interactions that they’ve acquired through faux methods. Instagram is now […]

The 9 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators

No matter the adventure you take with respects to your life, including your career, the basis of success lies in how you form habits and perform these tasks daily. In her new blog post, Maggie Butler outlines 9 actions that people have developed that promote success with creative outlets. By taking the time to write […]

10 Rules Small Businesses Must Follow as a Result of Email Spam Laws

Emails are a difficult concept to navigate for many people. While it is a useful tool that can connect millions of people, it can be overwhelming, especially when it is something, we would never want to receive in the first place. In her new blog post, Annie Pilon outlines ten different rules that have been […]

8 content strategies marketing leaders need to master

In the world of modern-day marketing, having an effective strategy is vital in lead-generation. Since developing a strategy can take a lot of time and effort, it may be a good investment for your company to crowdsource. This will not only save you and your staff a large amount of time and effort, but it […]

Seven SEO tips for image link building to generate more traffic

Link building is a key part of search engine optimization, and images are particularly effective in turning your site into a link magnet. When creating images, be sure to make something that is of interest to readers. Grab people’s attention and drive engagement with infographics. Of course, great images and infographics won’t help if no […]

8 Simple Steps to Use Your Book to Grow Your Business

Writing a book can be such a lengthy process and if you’re in the business of self-publishing, it could take even longer. In her new blog post, Wendy Keller provides us with a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your book writing adventure. By planning the book according to […]